Prevent the enormous cost of production line shutdowns caused by inventory shortages with sub-tier visibility, empowering you to proactively identify and manage risks before they disrupt your operations.
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Automotive is particularly vulnerable to supply chain disruptions

The cost of shutting down an automotive production line due to parts shortages can cost thousands of dollars a minute. Even worse, complex automotive supply chains that were designed for seamless just-in-time production are not readily adaptable or resilient to unexpected disruptions.

With 30,000+ components per vehicle, it's understandable why 81% of the automotive industry is concerned about supplly chain visibility compared with 70% in other sectors. 

Concentration risk is a particular threat

The 2011 tsunami exposed an enormous industry-wide concentration risk that was previously unknown. 

“It took an entire year to design Renesas out of the supply chain… We thought we had good supply chain visibility, but we were still surprised that behind tier 1 & 2 we had Renesas everywhere.”

Versed AI's multi-tier mapping includes concentration risk insights, helping you to understand who your common sub-tier suppliers are and which ones have the greatest impact on your combined exposure.

Support your environmental and Modern Slavery reporting

With the automotive industry being subject to particularly stringent oversight on all aspects of ESG performance, mapping your previously-unknown sub-tiers evidences ESG policy implementation in practice to both customers and regulators.

Spotlight on semiconductors

The semiconductor shortage brought lead times 4-8 weeks longer than normal and price inflation impacting millions of businesses and consumers. The ripple effect extended through supply chains and across industries. Read our White Paper on the semiconductor shortage.

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