Supply Chain Risk Management

Identify, manage and mitigate risks at every level of your supply chain using automated supply chain mapping
Rows of cars
920 billion Euros

Cost of supply chain disruptions to European economy since start of Covid

Supply chains are now rated as the top Global Business Risk and companies can expect to incur losses of 39% of one year's earnings over the course of a decade due to supply chain disruptions.

Mulit-tier visibility uncovers these hidden risks: concentrated sub-tier suppliers and regional exposure, so that you can act in advance.

Bar chart showing disruptive events increasing over last 50 years

Instability is predicted to increase and companies are looking to smart tech to help

No longer is it sustainable to wait months to map supply chains using traditional manual and survey methods alone. 

Disruptive events are predicted to continue increasing year on year, fuelled by economic, geopolitical and environmental instability.

Versed AI's multi-tier mapping and analytics allow you to drill into your supply chain, whether to asses the impact of a disruptive event or identify strategic actions to de-risk your supply chain

Multi-tier visibility to support your supply chain risk management

From off-the-shelf analytics to multi-tier data ready for integration into your supply chain control tower, Versed AI has supply chain visibility solutions to meet your needs.