Operational Resilience

Operationally resilient companies deliver tangibly higher shareholder returns through periods of instability. Multi-tier visibility enhances adaptability by identifying opportunities within the value chain to improve cost, quality and delivery.

Outperform on shareholder return

During the global recession of 2008, operationally resilient companies delivered an EBITDA increase of 10%, compared to a 15% reduction experienced by their peers.

Improve resilience with alternative suppliers

True resilience is having options and adaptability through times of change. In practice, that means alternative suppliers who pre-qualified and ready to go. 

Finding alternative suppliers who can meet your quality and schedule requirements can be difficult. That's why your existing supply network, already delivering against your requirements, can be a valuable source of alternative suppliers.

Cost saving opportunities

With supply chain visibility, you can identify opportunities to consolidate spend on raw materials, opening up new contracting strategies and cost savings that the whole supply chain can benefit from.

Multi-tier visibility to support your supply chain risk management

From off-the-shelf analytics to multi-tier data ready for integration into your supply chain control tower, Versed AI has supply chain visibility solutions to meet your needs.