Cyber security & 4th Party Risk

As companies grow more interconnected through extended supply chains and networks, the greater the cyber attack surface becomes. Combining cyber threat intelligence with supply chain visibility is a powerful strategy to combat fourth party and supply chain cyber risk.

Supply chains represent a significant cyber threat

The SolarWinds cyberattack in 2020 compromised US Government data and was triggered by malicious code inserted into a SolarWinds update which was then distributed across SolarWinds' 18,000 customers. The full financial impact is yet to be calculated, but thought to be billions of dollars.

In 2013, Target's payment system was hacked via a third party supplier, affecting 40 million credit and debit card accounts and an $18.5m settlement with customers.

Upgrade your fourth party risk management with supply chain visibility

With today's era of open innovation, platform economics and network effects, companies are more interconnected and more exposed than ever before. Knowing who you are connected to is the first step in mitigating that cyber risk.

By combining automated supply chain mapping with cyber risk monitoring, you can enhance the threat intelligence, security and business continuity of your business and your supply chain.

Multi-tier visibility to support your cyber security and fourth party risk management

From off-the-shelf analytics to multi-tier data ready for integration into your supply chain control tower, Versed AI has supply chain visibility solutions to meet your needs.