Supply Chain Risk Visibility

Gain full visibility into your supply chain and the risks presented by sub-tier suppliers. Unlock powerful insights with Versed AI's advanced supply chain analytics to prioritise your investments in supply chain resilience, regulatory compliance and ESG.
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Fully unlock the power of supply chain intelligence with powerful multi-tier analytics

Supply chain mapping is critical for businesses looking to grow through turbulent times, but it's a trickly challenge. With exponentially-growing data as you map from tier to tier, quickly turning it into actionable insights is the key to maximising business value.

At Versed AI, we're experts in multi-tier supply chain data and have built our analytics specifically from customer feedback and direct experience as practitioners ourselves.

We know one of the biggest challenges in business is quickly communicating complex concepts in time-critical situations to enable decisions and action. That's why we've designed our dashboards and analytics to support you with flexibility and speed in mind - through both operational challenges and strategic planning.

How does it work?

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Built on Versed AI's cutting edge technology

Leverage analytics built on our data from our powerful, explainable AI engine which maps supply chains and underpins all of our data as a service offerings too. Quickly visualise and interrogate supply chain maps built from our continuously-growing knowledge graph of over 5 million relationships.

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Tailored, relevant insights

Smart business intelligence uses data tailored to the situation for effective insights. Critically, relevant data in one situation may be noise in another.

We've listened to the diverse needs of our customers, ranging from tackling cyber risks by identifying all suppliers involved in their business to focussing only on direct categories that contribute to their product.

In response, we've developed sophisticated relevance tailoring, which is available to our enterprise customers with consultation on their use cases.

Applications of multi-tier supply chain business intelligence

Here to support you on the journey

Successful adoption of supply chain visibility requires a clear vision of how it will drive business value and fit into daily workflows. We're here to support you with guided insights, lessons and best practices from industry and research to help you maximise value from day 1.

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