Verify the security, sustainability and risk exposure of publicly-funded projects with Versed AI's automated supply chain mapping
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Supply chain visibility for publicly-funded projects

Whether demonstrating social value, ensuring security of national infrastructure or validating risk is being effectively managed, supply chain visibility helps Governments to ensure public funds are being spent appropriately.

Automated supply chain mapping from Versed AI can provide rapid visibility into sub-tiers where previously there was none, arming you with insights to prioritise limited resources.

Spotlight on social value

Mutli-tier supply chain visibility helps companies delivering public contracts to evidence social value being realised by the project. By working together on supply chain visibility, Government departments and contractors can better demonstrate the wider social benefit of Government-funded projects.

Use cases

Illuminate your supply chain

Explore our supply chain visibility solutions - from off-the-shelf analytics that you can rapidly deploy to fully tailored Data-as-a-Service to integrate into your control tower.

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