Chemicals & Life Sciences

Trace chemical, life sciences and pharmaceutical supply chains upstream enabling improved continuity of supply and risk management.

Build supply chain resilience

Almost 50% of leaders in the pharmaceutical industry consider sole sourcing as a critical vulnerability for their business. Not only does this apply at tier 1, but hidden concentration risks in sub-tiers. 

Rapid, automated supply chain mapping enables these concentration risks to be quickly identified, and the sub-tier supply chain can be a valuable source of alternative suppliers.

Take action on your biggest vulnerabilities

Pharmaceutical, chemical and life sciences supply chains are particularly exposed to cyber threats and trade disputes.

By gaining sub-tier visibility where previously there was none, you can pinpoint geographic dependencies and exposure to organisations which may present higher cyber/fourth party risk. 

Competitive Intelligence

Understand where and with whom you're competing for supply of critical ingredients.

Competitiion for supply of critical ingredients can be intense, leading to aggressive purchasing tactics and the bullwhip effect. Gain a competitive advantage by understanding who you're competing with for supply from your Tier 1s, and optimising your procurement strategy.

Comply with Modern Slavery legislation

Map your sub-tier supply chain to demonstrate compliance with Modern Slavery legislation and enahcen your reputation.

Use Cases

Illuminate your supply chain

Explore our supply chain visibility solutions - from off-the-shelf analytics that you can rapidly deploy to fully tailored Data-as-a-Service to integrate into your control tower.

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