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Case study: Huawei presence


Versed AI was approached by a major telco provider in the UK to help them map their supply chain below their first-tier and interrogate specific points of risk. The key challenge was to understand the presence of Huawei in lower supply chain tiers.


Versed AI mapped the supply chain to Tier 4 as Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), using our AI-powered mapping engine to identify previously unknown supply relationships in the sub-tiers. The presence of Huawei was pinpointed, including the supply pathways back to the Tier 1 suppliers. With this data, we could identify how embedded in the supply network it was. 

We identified suppliers based in locations with higher modern slavery risks and common sub-tier suppliers, exposing risk concentrations that were not apparent from the Tier 1 map alone.


These insights improved the triage and targeting of supplier audit teams to better manage supply chain risk.

BT Sourced

"Months of planning went into the preparation of our risk simulation event. Quite simply, we could not have delivered such a realistic and immersive simulation without the support of our digital partners, including Versed AI, who worked tirelessly with us as we planned every detail of the two day event."

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