ESG Compliance

Sustainable companies outperform others, ESG performance becoming a competitive factor in customer buying decisions. Multi-tier visibility allows businesses to evidence their ESG efforts in practice.

Scope 3 Carbon Emissions

Scope 3 emissions are the result of activities that happen in the extended value chan and supply chain of a company.  To effectively manage your carbon footprint and reduce Scope 3 emissions, supply chain visibility is the essential first step. Only then can you assess the carbon footprint of the extended supply chain to report on Scope 3 and prioritise the biggest decarbonisation opportunities.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sub-tier visibility helps companies meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals creating more transparent and ethical supply chains, leading to greater social and environmental impact and enhancing their reputation.

Multi-tier visibility to support ESG performance

From off-the-shelf analytics to multi-tier data ready for integration into your supply chain control tower, Versed AI has supply chain visibility solutions to meet your needs.