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Focused on compliance? Need to manage supply chain risk? Evaluating growth strategies? Analysing market competition? Prioritise your focus and underpin your decisions with multi-tier supply chain visibility.

Regulation compliance

With changes in regulations such as the Modern Slavery Act and Brexit, we support clients in ensuring regulatory compliance and in effectively managing their company’s reputation.

Versed AI gives you the confidence to make smarter, more informed and proactive decisions to positively manage risk and ensure compliance. You will be empowered to allocate your resources more effectively, with successful and quick identification of high-risk areas. Instantly access the information you need in a multi-tiered supply chain graph, mapped at scale.

Supply chain risk management

The more you know about your supply chains, the better you can manage inherent risks.

Reduce supply chain disruptions by anticipating red flags originating from your sub-tiers and by identifying common suppliers below Tier 1 on whom you have a high dependency. 

Don't miss the opportunity to gain deeper intelligence faster than peers using our AI engine and integrating it into your existing supply risk mapping solutions.

Source alternative suppliers

Search for alternative suppliers by current supplier name, product type, city or industry with our user-friendly tool.  

Through our cutting edge technology, clients source alternative suppliers to diversify, re-shore or reinforce your supply chain. We also help businesses identify candidate suppliers for outsourcing their operations or setting up growth-driven new supply chains. 

Gain competitive intelligence

Our clients are able to gain a competitive advantage through lead generation from supply chain transparency.

Identify relationships between organisations in your market, where you share common suppliers and how geographical footprints of supply chains compare.

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