Multi-tier Supply Chain Data

Amplify your supply chain control tower with Versed AI's N-tier supply chain mapping data as a service. Gain a comprehensive view of your supply chain from tier 1 all the to tier-n suppliers and integrate it into your tech stack with our distribution options.
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Our Data-as-a-Service Solutions

Supply Chain Mapping in a spreadsheet

Choose from our standard self-serve mapping or tailored packages for sophisticated filtering to ensure you get the exact data you need to make informed decisions.

Try our out-of-the-box two-tier mapping for getting started, or our enhanced Data-as-a-Service solution, allowing you to tailor your map by the number of tiers, geographic region, or relevance for a truly customized solution.

Supply Chain Mapping - via API

Instant access to AI-powered supply chain maps, customised by company. 

Versed AI's supply chain mapping API enables instant mapping of supply chains down as many tiers as you wish simply by identifying your target company.

Which DaaS solution do I need?






Supplier mapping or customer mapping? Both Both Both
Number of tiers Undefined - you iterate through the tiers Defined by you Defined by you
Number of target companies mapped Unlimited 25, 50 or 100 Unlimited
Relevance filtering Not applied Not applied Applied as agreed during scoping
Delivery time Minutes 1-2 days 2 days - 2 weeks for up to 1000 suppliers
Try out the API Get data Request mapping

Need visuals and analytics too?

Versed AI's visualisations and analytics turns multi-tier supply chain data into critical insights, helping you to to act faster.

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