Introducing Versed AI's New API

18th July 2022

What is the API?

Versed AI is excited to announce our API is ready for public beta access. Our API will grant 3rd party applications live access to Versed AI’s database of 3.7 million supply chain connections between 2.3 million companies.

What information can users gain from the API?

The API has 4 features:

  • Company search: this allows you to search for matching companies and return a Versed unique identifier (VID)
  • Company details: this can return specific information for a company including locations of headquarters and production sites 
  • Company suppliers: this allows you to find a company’s suppliers
  • Company customers: this lets you find a company’s customer

What are the key benefits?

Users of the API will be able to programmatically request resources from their preferred programming language and incorporate supply chain data  into  their own applications. This makes it easier for users to ingest and visualise the data we provide. 

In particular, users can expect:

  • Live access to our extensive supply chain database
  • Information on 3.7 million supply chain relationships, existing between 2.3 million global companies, from the last 3 years 
  • Company names, their suppliers and customers
  • Company location details
  • A Versed unique identifier for each company 


API access provides users with 20 data requests a day, reset daily. Paying customers can increase their request limit or obtain unlimited access to our database. 

Access is free on signing up, with automatic access to 20 requests per day.

To increase this limit, simply contact 

How easy is it to sign up and use the API?

Signing up to use our API is quick and easy! Head over to the sign-up link, submit your details and receive an API token to your email address straight away.

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