Versed AI Kickstarter Scheme Reflection

5th September 2022

At Versed AI we are proud participants of the DWP’s Kickstart Scheme, a programme giving companies the opportunity to train and employ young adults who are seeking work. Throughout the scheme we’ve seen some amazing talent join our company. Some of our employees who joined via Kickstart have offered a reflection of their experience of the scheme.

What drew you to Versed AI as part of the Kickstart Scheme?

Our team members gave their insight as to why they chose to join Versed AI via the Kickstart scheme. An interest in a new, growing field of technology was cited as one of the main attractions of Versed AI. Further, the flexibility of the company in offering remote working, whilst still providing a team-work environment was another key highlight.

Hurum Ali, an administrative assistant, said: “I was attracted to Versed AI by the exciting prospect of working for a company using AI, which is a growing technology that will inevitably grow and be incorporated in the future.”

David Creft, a data annotator and researcher, stated: “One of the main reasons was definitely a combination of being able to do a lot of research and working from home in an environment I was familiar with whilst staying safe through the pandemic. At the time there didn’t seem to be much work from home related Kickstart roles so it was great to see an opportunity that would allow me to gain valuable work experience whilst working remotely. Being a team member of a start-up where we could all learn and grow together with the prospect of full-time employment was also appealing. “

And Mohamed Khan, also a data annotator and researcher, added: “From the job description and interview I realised this is a unique job role and field that grabbed my attention. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me as I was unsure what I wanted to do long-term. Supply chain mapping was an unusual field that I had not heard about, so I wanted to learn about it."

Do you feel Versed AI has contributed to your growth and personal development?

We strive to make our team feel supported, and this is no different for those who joined Versed AI through the Kickstart scheme. The opportunity is a great chance for employers to find and train enthusiastic employees with longer-term prospects.

Hurum told us: “I feel like the Kickstart programme has been very beneficial for building my interpersonal skills and also developing working independently.”

And Mohamed shared that: “This opportunity has taught me a lot and I have enjoyed working as an annotator. Over time I was also given the opportunity to learn more and work on different parts of the business.”

What support has the company given you during your time on the Kickstart Scheme?

To help our team feel accommodated we are committed to supporting their training and progression to the best of our ability, creating a win-win relationship for both sides.

Hurum told us: “The company has given me great support. Since joining, relevant members in different departments have guided me to complete any task which I've been unsure on. They have been very clear and concise with any tasks that need carrying out. Furthermore, the advice and information they have shared with me, allowed me to learn and carry out the tasks in future cases.”

Mohamed continues: “Open communication was really helpful. I was able to ask my colleagues and manager for help and advice at any time during my work day. Weekly meetings with the whole company meant that I was always kept in the loop regarding business, tech and annotation sections of the business. Furthermore, the weekly team meeting allowed all annotators to voice any concerns, provide advice or insight into how to improve the business, which made us feel valued. Further explaining current and future work was also very useful.The training materials provided were really helpful at the beginning and as the training evolved It was easy to access and learn about it.”

Did you feel just as valued as a regular employee during your time at Versed AI? 

As well as seeking to help our Kickstart members learn through the role and from existing members of our team, we seek to ensure they are valued and given the same opportunities as other members of the firm. Everyone’s contribution is highly regarded.

Hurum said: “Yes, everyone at Versed AI feels equal and the team at Versed AI are very welcoming and exemplary in their etiquettes of speaking, to such an extent that they're seen as role models for myself.”

David added: “Definitely, always commended as part of team efforts, having regular check-ins to see how I was doing and being kept in the loop on how the business was running. I was part of the team.”

Would you recommend Versed AI as an employer to future Kickstart prospects?

Hurum said: “I would definitely recommend Versed AI to anyone who would be relevant for any roles, because it is an excellent working environment with potential for growth.”

Mohamed added: “I would definitely recommend this job further as it was an enjoyable experience working within a very warm company.”

And David closed with: “Yes. You’ll have the opportunity to work with some amazing people whilst gaining some invaluable work experience. With the company constantly growing and striving to reach new goals so will the opportunities available to future kick-starters.“

Although the Kickstart programme is now coming to an end, those who joined Versed AI have worked with some great people, developed their skills, and seen AI being applied in real world environments. Versed AI has made full time job offers to a number of super employees like Ahmid, Mohammed, and Karol, and extended the contracts of others, and we hope that the benefits of the Kickstart programme will continue to be felt by everyone who’s been involved.

To apply to join the team at Versed AI, please see our [careers page].

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